A Bird In The Hand Mini Class-registration now open !

Class begins December 13th 2019

About this class :

Class is suitable for all, including beginners, particularly those with an interest in mixed media art.

Work entirely at your own pace, replay and watch as many times as you like!

Video content is downloadable so you can save it to watch offline whenever you like!

You will need high speed internet connection and a basic understanding of internet usage ( to create a login id and enter the password supplied on purchase of the class )

*The class password is for personal use only, please do not share it!

Running time for this class is approximately one hour of video lesson demonstration, plus notes and extra info to help you along.

You will receive class password shortly prior to the classroom going 'live' on Dec 2nd so you can jump in right away and work at your own pace!

 You are encouraged to join my Facebook Creative Community Group HERE to share your experiences and ideas - I would love to see what you create!


This is a list of the exact materials used, along with suggested alternatives which you may already have in your stash of supplies!


Almost everything can be substituted to gain experience of the techniques used. If in doubt, please message me or mention in the group, I am always on hand and happy to help!


Opened out cardboard box or carton.

Water Jar/container

Paintbrushes - one old flat for priming surface, one small pointed 

Collage papers/script/old book/magazine,paper ephemera

Willow Charcoal

Pencil or graphite stick ( non soluble), soft drawing lead if possible

Water sprayer

Kitchen paper towels or old cloth for blotting/wiping

Below underlined is the exact supply I used, along with suggested substitute/alternatives:

White Gesso Primer cardboard is very absorbent so requires priming. You could also use household white matt emulsion ( or any light colour) as a base.

Lyra Graphite Stick 9B, NON soluble - you can use any pencil or graphite as an alternative.

Black Acrylic Ink - alternatively black Indian ink, or watered down heavy body black acrylic.

Golden Fluid Titanium White Acrylic Paint - any brand of white acrylic is fine, and you could also use gesso or household white emulsion( or a very light shade) as an alternative.

Golden Matt Medium - any brand of matt medium can be used, or a matt finish glue such as Mod Podge Matt finish.

Derwent Tinted Charcoal XXL Sticks - these really are fantastic, if you are able to lay hands on them ( Amazon have them or many good local art stores) BUT you can also substitute with a few soft (chalk) pastels for a similar effect to use the techniques in this class. They do not have to be top brand expensive variety, you can get a box of unbranded soft pastels very cheaply in many craft stores, but if you are only buying one or two higher quality I suggest earthy colours are good choices and will be useful again too! Also conte sticks would work as an alternative in this project and are easily available in browns and terracotta shades, usually for a very reasonable cost.

Bamboo kebab skewer - these are great for markmaking and I keep a box in my studio . alternatives are up to you-a feather, a twig or even a wooden manicure stick would all make a great alternative!

Hairdryer  - optional if you are impatient like me!

Derwent Inktense Sticks I love these for how dense the colours are, they really are like a solid ink, and can be worked with water for lots of effects. Many art stores sell them individually ( I only have a few) . I used a dark grape/blue shade and a deep pink in this lesson. You can also use conte crayon, watercolour pencil,soft (chalk) pastel as substitutes and you do not need to have the same colours as me!

I also used the white Derwent Tinted Charcoal in a few areas-you can subsitute this with white soft pastel, posca white pen,or thin marks of acrylic white ink or paint. Or skip it completely if you feel inclined!

Ready to jump in?
Classrom Opens December 13th 2019